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Beware of the Return of the Pink Slime

'Pink Slime' Recovers as Beef Prices Surge 

This file photo provided by Beef Products Inc., shows a sample of their lean, finely-textured beef, aka pink slime.
This file photo provided by Beef Products Inc., shows a sample of their lean, 
finely-textured beef, aka pink slime.   (AP Photo/Beef Products, Inc., File)


By John Johnson,  Newser Staff

(NEWSER) – "Pink slime" may have become the scourge of the meat industry a few years back, but time and rising beef prices can work wonders. The Wall Street Journalreports that the two biggest producers of the product they prefer to call "finely textured beef" have mostly bounced back after sales bottomed out in 2012 amid a flurry of negative media reports. "Two years ago, no one would return our calls," says an exec with Beef Products Inc. "Now some of those same people are calling us unsolicited, and we don't have the sales staff to maintain the new business." And a spokesman for Cargill says, "We're almost recovered from it." A big reason is that ground beef prices have risen 27% in the last two years to about $3.80 a pound.

Satan goes to the Ivy League: Harvard’s “Black Mass” and Demonic Action

The announcement of a reenactment of a “Black Mass” at Harvard University in the name of “culture” and “freedom of expression” caused enormous revulsion, not only among Catholics but in all those with common sense.

This reaction – encouraged by TFP Student Action and the America Needs Fatima organization, among others ─ gave rise to prayers and demonstrations around the country. There was even a solemn procession with the Blessed Sacrament in the streets near Harvard, followed by Eucharistic adoration at St. Paul’s Church in Harvard Square. As a result, the sacrilegious act was cancelled.

Obviously, the “Black Mass” reenactment at Harvard would attract devils not only to that university but also to the whole nation and mark a new step toward the abyss in the moral vortex in which we find ourselves.

“Deconstructing” Civilization
How can an establishment meant to teach and form the character of young people do such a thing? How could they have consented to receive representatives of the New York-based Satanic Temple to do the said “reenactment?”

There are many reasons that can explain why this happened. First of all, there is the generalized decadence of Western civilization caused by the abandonment of our Christian roots. However, we might also cite the rejection of reason as a cause, since there are all sorts of counter-philosophies now in vogue, such as “deconstructionism,” which deny the traditional concepts of logic and reason. This rejection prepares the way for the action of the devil.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Poll: Nearly Half Of Unemployed Have Stopped Looking For Work

Jobseekers talk with recruiters at a Hire Our Heroes job fair targeting unemployed military veterans and sponsored by the Cable Show, a cable television industry trade show in Washington, June 11, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst  

A poll released Wednesday shows that 47 percent of unemployed Americans have given up looking for work.
Conducted on behalf of Express Employment Professionals last month, Harris Poll asked 1,500 unemployed adults whether they agreed with the statement “I’ve completely given up looking for a job.”
Seven percent said they “agree completely” with the statement; another seven percent said they “agree a lot”; 15 percent “agree somewhat”; 18 percent “agree a little”.
Eighty-two percent of those polled agreed that they were “becoming more discouraged the longer I am unemployed”.
A large majority of those polled indicated that unemployment benefits were keeping them from searching harder for a job. Politicians have divided largely along party lines over whether to extend unemployment benefits, with Republicans arguing that the benefits provide an incentive to remain unemployed
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Our side MIGHT be starting win. Washington Times says "IRS to start over on rules governing tea party groups, other nonprofits"

The IRS said Thursday it will go back and rewrite the proposed rules governing nonprofit groups and political activity, bowing to overwhelming opposition from tea party groups and free speech advocates on both ends of the ideological spectrum who feared the tax agency would hurt political debate. 
In a statement, the IRS said it still intends to update its rules but will put off a hearing until after it issues a new version — and gave no timetable for moving ahead.
Take that, Lois Lerner!!!!
Conservatives hailed the move as a victory, saying that issuing a new version of the rule before the hearing is tantamount to starting over. Meanwhile, Democrats on Capitol Hill said the move was a setback for their efforts to try to push wealthy donors to the periphery of political debate.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

One of the few really good people in Hollywood - Jim Caviezel Displayed His Pro-Life Convictions by Adopting Two Disabled Children
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 5/19/14 6:11 PM
He acted in the starring role in major movies like The Thin Red Line and Count of Monte Cristo. He played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ and can be seen on television in a variety of roles.
jimCaviezel2But it’s Jim Caviezel‘s steadfast faith and pro-life views that have endeared him to millions of people worldwide. And not only is Jim strongly pro-life on abortion. He puts those views into action — making good on his pro-life convictions by adopting two disabled children.
After the jump, here is Jim giving an interview about his children:
Bo was abandoned on a train in China soon after he was born.  He was raised in an orphanage until he was five years old and told that he never had a mommy – he came from dirt.  A large, visible brain tumor threatened his young life and took away any real hope of love or family.
A challenge from a friend led Jim Caviezel, the actor best known for portraying Jesus in The Passion of the Christ and currently starring in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest, into Bo’s life.  In an interview with the Christophers, a Christian media organization, Caviezel said, “This guy I know said, ‘You’re pro-life. Tell you what, if you really believe in what you speak, adopt a child — not any child, he’s got to have a serious deficiency.’”  Caviezel was “completely terrified” at the possibility of adopting a child with a disability, but deep within his soul, he knew that God wanted him to do it.
When Caviezel first met Bo in that Chinese orphanage, he knew that adopting Bo would mean a life of doctors and surgeries and worry and heartbreak.  But, in an interview for Catholic Digest, Caviezel said, “I saw his eyes and — this sounds like such sentimental hogwash, but I’m telling you the truth — in my heart I heard this boy calling to me, saying, ‘Will you love me?’”
Later, Caviezel and his wife, Kerri, decided to adopt another child, a healthy newborn girl.  However, before the adoption took place, they met a five year-old girl – also with a brain tumor.  “The couple stated that they knew the healthy baby would find a good home,” reports Catholic News Agency, “however it was likely that the sick girl would not.  They decided to adopt the five year-old and have been blessed ever since.”
Caviezel told Catholic Digest that he has become a new man since adopting his children.  “Dennis Quaid told me a long time ago when he had his son Jack, ‘You’ll have emotions in you that you didn’t even know existed before you had a child,’” Caviezel said.  “I now know what that feels like. Even though they’re adopted, it’s as strong as any instinct. That’s what blew me away. I always thought if I adopted that I wouldn’t have the same feeling [as I would] if they were genetically my own children. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
Both Bo and his sister LeLe have required several surgeries, and Bo’s cancerous tumor has been particularly challenging, but Caviezel and his wife have felt blessed by their family above everything else.  “The other day my little girl jumped in my lap, put her hand on my face, and whispered in my ear, ‘Papa, I love you so much,’” Caviezel told Catholic Digest.  “It pulls on your heartstrings. When you come home and the kids run to you, come up and grab your leg. We have a little thing. They stand on my feet and I walk them into the kitchen and we just laugh.”
In seeking to actively live out his faith, Caviezel has seen his life fulfilled more than he ever thought was possible.  “We took the harder road,” the actor said in a article. “That is what faith is to me; it’s action. It’s the Samaritan. It’s not the one who says he is; it’s the one who does – and does without bringing attention to himself. I’m saying this because I want to encourage other people.”
When Bo, now 13, won All Star of the Month at the Victory Gymnastics Academy in March 2011, he said his future goals include being “a policeman, a fireman, and, of course, a Dad.”  He said he enjoys playing the piano, traveling to different countries with his family, and “putting things together.”  He lives with his “Mom, Dad, and sister, LeLe, who is a ballerina.”