Thursday, November 17, 2011

Political Whack-A-Mole, a Game of the Media Left

The left leaning mainstream media is playing Political Whack-A-Mole with the Republican presidential candidates. As soon as one candidate pops up in the poles, they whack them down with whatever the media can hit them with, just like the arcade game.

The first one up was Michelle Bachmann. How dare a conservative woman win a straw pole? Immediately upon her rise to significance the usual suspects on the left trash her intelligence (despite her level of education and success as a tax attorney) and even trash her husband (dedicated Christians are always open season for secular humanist liberal hate squads). Journalists who saw their opportunity to bash and trash Sarah Palin fading away unloaded their Palin hatred on Bachmann in volumes. Never leaving some low points untried, Matt Lauer even indicated that if she continued to do well, his peers would send muckrakers out to pry into the private lives of all her children and foster children. Considering that foster children often already have had difficulties in life that make them vulnerable, this tactic would be ugly, unfair, and cruel. ***WHACK!!!***

Rick Perry made the “Gotcha” junkies jobs easier with a series of mis-speaks. Interestingly enough, they even bashed his positions on Gardisil vaccines and in-state tuition for illegals despite the fact that the left supports these positions. However, going negative on Republicans is their sport. Thus, they’ll even use statements they support to inflict a wound if they can. ***WHACK!!!***

Up rises Herman Cain. Now the Democrats feel they own the black community and all its votes. How dare a black man reject their party and the promises of dependance upon big government? In Cain the political left and the media left saw the greatest threat to their continued control of poor and minority votes. They need people whom they can make feels like victims of Republicans and Capitalism in order to promote big government Socialism. Due to the stakes at risk, all efforts were made to conduct a “high tech lynching.” Every statement Cain made was monitored, recorded, and twisted to make him seem stupid. (Per haps another stereotype?) The fact that Cain was successful in the private sector and not a career politician was even attacked. Left-wing think tanks and talking-point drones attempt to make his 9-9-9 plan look like a tax on the poor. When none of the previous attacks worked, in the style of Chicago thug politics, the left decided to frame Cain with something that would stick. What better than to accuse a black man of getting too fresh with white women? Two accusers were found in of all places, Chicago, and each had ties to Barack Obama’s political hit man David Axlrod. The media conveniently overlooked these facts and treated the unsubstantiated allegations tied to questionable motives as if they were proven facts. Truth be damned. The damage was done. ***WHACK!!!***

Up steps Newt Gingrich. Republicans recognize his past was less than perfect and Gingrich himself also admitted as much. He has also lived a better way of life and dedicated himself to God and country since leaving that past behind. However, for the lazy left that only forgives liberals, old news is now the latest revelation. All they have to do is pull old stories out of their hard drives and reprint them. Gingrich’s consulting income with unpopular organization is nothing new. What is new is that people have a new interest in Newt. Because of the second chance open-minded people are giving the former speaker, they will also be given ample doses of Newt’s old past as well by the same media that refused to look into Obama’s past in 2008. ***WHACK!!!***

The saddest part of this arcade game is the collateral damage the media left has done to our country. For example, America has put away negative stereotypes about black men and white women. However, the media elites used unsubstantiated allegations against Herman Cain to renew and reinforce this awful belief. Black men have been falsely accused and hung to death over this hate-based issue and Politico, the New York Times, NBC News and countless cosigners on the media left have made a sport of it. What evil minds these pseudo-journalists have that they are willing to perpetuate racism, sexism, and class warfare just to make sport for the sake of socialist victories. They care not whom they hurt, only that they prevail. ***WHACK!!!***

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Points to Ponder September 7th, Republican Debate

As most debates go, people tend to argue that whoever their favorite candidate happens to be is also the clear winner of the debate. Polling data may show favorable and unfavorable movement in the target audience. Still, these arguments can be fun for pundits and political junkies but of little value until voters cast their ballots. The information of most value in the latest GOP debate was brought to light afterward during the liberal MSNBC post event coverage. Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton all began licking their chops at the idea of exploiting Rick Perry's comment (It's a Ponzi scheme) regarding Social Security. Scaring Seniors into thinking that Republicans will cut off their monthly checks has been an effective weapon for Democrats in the past. Look for more little old ladies being pushed over cliffs and under busses in Democrat campaign commercials. Another tactic to look for in the future is what I call the flat earth/global warming assumption. Leading men of Science once claimed the earth is flat and thinking otherwise was a crime. The left believes, and demands and that all people believe that global warming is man-made and is caused predominately by American Capitalism and consumption. When other countries pollute their skies in order to out compete American businesses it's not really pollution. That they call it global progress and wealth redistribution. Candidates who do not take the 'let the left define the science' point of view will be portrayed as feeble minded and in the pocket of anyone with a smokestack. Lastly, we come to the final liberal mind altering tactic. Each of the candidates proposed measures that would help the economy and job creation in particular. In general, they included tax cuts, fiscal control and easing burdensome federal regulations. However, as much as any right thinking American knows these measures will work to restore American industry and family security, the liberal MSNBC hosts insist on telling the audience that none of the candidates offered any substanitive plans for job creation. They did so to purposely leave their audience disatified with all the candidates. In short, left wing journalist have their marching orders for 2012 and it comes in the form of deception.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

IS THIS REAL? The US and Afghan government is negotiating with the TALIBAN!

Can you believe that the Obama administration has authorized talks (ie consessions)with the Taliban? It is apparently true. This is the same Taliban that banned girls from school, brought back the burka and assisted Bin Ladin in the killing of Americans on 911. This is the same group that finances terrorism via the sale of opium on the black market. I would like to know why we are giving in to them rather than eleiminating them. Your comments are appreciated.