Thursday, February 4, 2010

What if schools taught what people need?

Ask any HVAC repair company, plumming contractor, electrical contractor or computer repair and maintenace firm owner and they will tell you the same thing. Despite the recession, they can't hire enough trained people to handle all the business they could get. Why? Young people are being taught myriads of things they will never use or need, but little in the way of practical and important information. Many non-college oriented vocations have been shamed by the academics. Therefore, these programs have been forced out of secondary education. Gone from many schools are the auto shops, hair salons, metal and wood shops and printing presses. The back- to- basics movement is partially responsible for the demise. College prep or nothing programs have also made vocations suffer. Today, schools try to force hands-on oriented students to "sit-down, shut-up, don't talk and pick the best answer 'till you graduate!" One of the best kept secrets in America is that an electrician can make as much as a pediatrician. However, the academics feels one should be ashamed of that based on the years and levels of schooling differential. The true shame is on all the advisors and academics only advocates who shamed these children out of what might have been a happier and better life.

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