Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Points to Ponder September 7th, Republican Debate

As most debates go, people tend to argue that whoever their favorite candidate happens to be is also the clear winner of the debate. Polling data may show favorable and unfavorable movement in the target audience. Still, these arguments can be fun for pundits and political junkies but of little value until voters cast their ballots. The information of most value in the latest GOP debate was brought to light afterward during the liberal MSNBC post event coverage. Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton all began licking their chops at the idea of exploiting Rick Perry's comment (It's a Ponzi scheme) regarding Social Security. Scaring Seniors into thinking that Republicans will cut off their monthly checks has been an effective weapon for Democrats in the past. Look for more little old ladies being pushed over cliffs and under busses in Democrat campaign commercials. Another tactic to look for in the future is what I call the flat earth/global warming assumption. Leading men of Science once claimed the earth is flat and thinking otherwise was a crime. The left believes, and demands and that all people believe that global warming is man-made and is caused predominately by American Capitalism and consumption. When other countries pollute their skies in order to out compete American businesses it's not really pollution. That they call it global progress and wealth redistribution. Candidates who do not take the 'let the left define the science' point of view will be portrayed as feeble minded and in the pocket of anyone with a smokestack. Lastly, we come to the final liberal mind altering tactic. Each of the candidates proposed measures that would help the economy and job creation in particular. In general, they included tax cuts, fiscal control and easing burdensome federal regulations. However, as much as any right thinking American knows these measures will work to restore American industry and family security, the liberal MSNBC hosts insist on telling the audience that none of the candidates offered any substanitive plans for job creation. They did so to purposely leave their audience disatified with all the candidates. In short, left wing journalist have their marching orders for 2012 and it comes in the form of deception.


  1. What person in their right mind thought that MSLSD is the right place for Republicans to debate? Newt was right; don't let the liberals make us fight each other.

    When Williams asked Perry "How do you sleep at night [after discussing the number of executions in Texas] I could have screamed. I'm a Gary Johnson Guy not a Perry guy but Social Security is a Ponzee scheme: first in gets the money and the last get less if any.

  2. That's right Al. The folks in DC have a lot of schemes. Honest new personnel is a threat to their game.