Sunday, April 21, 2013

Will the Boston Terrorist Hunt Lead to More Liberal Use of Martial Law?

The Boston bombing taught us that terror can strike anywhere in America at any time. However, it also showed Americans that the Federal Government, State, and Local law Enforcement have substantial tools at their disposal to address a crisis  like the one that began on April 15th and ended on Friday.

Now that the situation is over, Americans need to question what powers were needed and unneeded as well as how they may effect the future of freedom in America. Citizens have grown all too used to government and private cameras watching them. Unfortunately, the Boston crisis will be used to justify and employ more invasive means of monitoring all that we do. Recently, it was learned that the IRS and other agencies can open our e-mails without a warrant or even informing us. (Good bye 4th amendment) Even scarier, the NSA is building a huge complex in Utah with massive computers that will follow all our telecommunications and storing data for future use (and abuse.) The spy center will have software that retains/taps you cell phone and maintains both audio and a transcript.

At first one might be influenced to believe this is all for the sake of national security. Don't let yourself be fooled. Mark the words of Congressman John Dingle when referring to the Socialist healthcare law known as Obamacare, "It will take time but we must control the people." In one sentence we have the mindset of DC. They want to control you and your whole life. They also want to control your children and take away your role as a parent.  According to left-wing news announcer Melissa Harris-Perry, your children belong to the "collective" community i.e. "the state."

Our government, our schools and many other institutions have been infiltrated with persons of this mindset. They have no problem with more government power, even to the point of giving the Constitution of the United States and expiration date. Being close to DC I can see the elite homes and luxury lifestyles afforded those whom the taxpayers employ to control them. The political class wants to retain the lifestyle they are accustomed to and gain more power in the process. When was the last time Congress or the regulators ever restored or expanded our rights?

The Boston situation takes us back to Colonial times in a way. Little is mentioned of the 3rd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. It states, "No soldier shall, in times of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a matter to be prescribed by law." It was the Obama administration itself that declared the 'War on Terror' to be over. Therefore, in a time of peace, how can homeowners be so violated? This little known amendment was insisted upon because of the grave abuses of soldiers in private homes. Families were abused, robbed, raped and sometimes killed in the name of military activity.Our founders said "No more of this." Are we to take their warning lightly?

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