Saturday, May 24, 2014

Satan goes to the Ivy League: Harvard’s “Black Mass” and Demonic Action

The announcement of a reenactment of a “Black Mass” at Harvard University in the name of “culture” and “freedom of expression” caused enormous revulsion, not only among Catholics but in all those with common sense.

This reaction – encouraged by TFP Student Action and the America Needs Fatima organization, among others ─ gave rise to prayers and demonstrations around the country. There was even a solemn procession with the Blessed Sacrament in the streets near Harvard, followed by Eucharistic adoration at St. Paul’s Church in Harvard Square. As a result, the sacrilegious act was cancelled.

Obviously, the “Black Mass” reenactment at Harvard would attract devils not only to that university but also to the whole nation and mark a new step toward the abyss in the moral vortex in which we find ourselves.

“Deconstructing” Civilization
How can an establishment meant to teach and form the character of young people do such a thing? How could they have consented to receive representatives of the New York-based Satanic Temple to do the said “reenactment?”

There are many reasons that can explain why this happened. First of all, there is the generalized decadence of Western civilization caused by the abandonment of our Christian roots. However, we might also cite the rejection of reason as a cause, since there are all sorts of counter-philosophies now in vogue, such as “deconstructionism,” which deny the traditional concepts of logic and reason. This rejection prepares the way for the action of the devil.

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